The unique history of the discovery of TICHĖ began in 1999 in Telšiai, when after the establishment of the “Baltic Mineral Water Company” exploring mineral water bodies with the help of scientists, the spring area was discovered and the process of boring began. Due to the robust and protective earth layers, boring was extremely difficult and took almost 4 months. Food grade stainless steel pipes were injected into the borehole, and their cavity was cemented, thus protecting the borehole from any other inflow of water and any possible contamination.

The discovery of the TICHĖ spring surprised both the company and the scientists. Having analysed the water, it was found that it is of a unique composition: incredibly clean and pure, alkaline, enriched with minerals, but the concentration of minerals was such, that it could be drunk undiluted. Its taste was not salty or pungent, but on the contrary, the water was soft and of mild taste.

“TICHĖ is a pleasant surprise for curortologists, because the sulphate-hydrocarbonate water of medium mineralisation, unlike the sodium-chloride one, is found quite rarely.” Dr. Vytautas Meška


For the extraction of the natural water of the TICHĖ spring, protected food grade stainless steel pipes, ensuring the high safety and quality of the water, are used. The water of unique composition, which is consumed without any special treatment, is bottled without any contact with the environment or air. The process is done with an advanced production technology, equipment complying with the standards of the European Union and the established quality and food safety management system ensures the high quality of the product. The water bottling production plant has an automated bottling-packing line of German manufacturers that meets the latest European Union requirements.


Strict requirements are applied to natural mineral water. An Independent and accredited laboratory performs the daily chemical and microbiological control. The National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute, German and other laboratories, perform the periodic control. The report of the results of the annual research on the recognition of natural mineral water is submitted to the Ministries of Environment and Health.

Every year, since 2004,  the US Special Veterinary Service and auditors have inspected the quality of natural mineral water and have chosen TICHE natural mineral water to be consumed by the NATO army, because it meets all European and American requirements. TICHĖ is on the list of the recognised natural mineral waters in every European country. The unique composition of the water, its extraction and bottling technologies, safety and control processes grant the natural mineral water TICHĖ with a PREMIUM class product classification.