Alkali and acid balance in the body: maintaining it will make you healthier and more energetic

It is most likely that everyone who takes care of their wellbeing knows that we cannot allow our body to become “too acidic”. What does this mean? According to doctors, excessive acidity can lead to oncological diseases or other severe health ailments, malaise. The acidic medium is perfect for viruses and bacteria to multiply in the body. If everything is fine in our body, it maintains the pH balance of alkalis and acids around the clock. With that being said, what can be done to keep that balance? What symptoms indicate that the body needs to be alkalised?

Increased acidity – a “bouquet” of ailments

If you constantly consume acidic products, your body becomes acidic, thus disturbing the balance of acids and alkalis. Acidity is measured by a special chemical pH indicator, the value of which ranges from 0 to 14. The lower it is, the higher the acidity is, and the higher it is, the higher the alkalinity is. Neutral pH is when its value is equal to 7, and the pH of healthy human blood ranges from 7.35 to 7.45. If this number is slightly or significantly lower, the human body becomes acidic and the red blood cells lose part of the load, leading to thickening of the blood, which can result in increased pressure. What diseases or ailments can it cause? Well, a whole “bouquet” of them. This can lead to constant muscle and joint pain, osteoporosis, oncological diseases or extra kilograms that can’t be gotten rid of in any way. The body receives the alkaline minerals needed to reduce acidity through food or fluid intake.

According to many theories of healthy eating, a person should eat food that will alkalise his or her body on a daily basis. However, junk, unhealthy or unbalanced food saturated with chemical additives has the opposite effect, it acidifies our body. If most of your diet consists of fatty meat, eggs, dairy products, coffee, alcohol, still fruit drinks, white flour dishes and a source of bad carbohydrates such as sweets, it’s high time to ring the alarm. The body can be naturally alkalised on a daily basis, but it is necessary to choose specific products.

Food that alkalises the body

Try to make at least 30-40 percent of your daily diet of non-heat-treated fruits (pineapples, grapefruits, oranges, bananas, and/or pears), berries (cherries, sweet cherries, and heathberries), vegetables (potatoes, carrots, radishes, cabbage, chickpeas, courgettes, cucumbers, and herbs). Summer is a very favourable time to fill your body with these natural riches obtained from nature itself. Another group of products that must be kept in mind every day are cereal dishes. Groats have many benefits for the human body and alkalising is one of the most important of them.

Specialists in the field of healthy diet advise people to heat-treat various groats as short as possible or not at all. One of the easiest ways is to soak whole grain porridges in water in the evening, they will swell and you will only need to warm them up for a few minutes in the morning. Also, do not cook or bake fruit and berries but rather eat them fresh and unprocessed. This way they will preserve all the useful substances and vitamins.

Not only food but also lifestyle matters

If you feel tired every day, it becomes more and more difficult to find strength, you are often in a bad mood and the level of productivity has dropped significantly. This can also be caused by disturbed alkalinity of the body. It also manifests itself in insomnia or the deterioration of general wellbeing. For example, women often notice that nails begin to break, hair falls out and the condition of their skin deteriorates. During the hot season, this feeling of malaise is exacerbated if we only consume little water. If we travel actively, exercise and/or spend a lot of time in the sun, we lose a lot of minerals and our body’s alkali and acid balance is disturbed. It can also help if we consume products with high quality alkaline minerals such as, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Their balance can also be maintained by high quality natural mineral water. True, before choosing it, you should pay attention to what kind of mineralisation it is composed of. Water of medium mineralisation is the most suitable for daily consumption.

The importance of alkali balance in our body is discussed a lot these days. If our ancestors were able to achieve this with a natural diet and a healthy lifestyle, then a modern human needs to put much more effort in to achieving the same feat. However, maintaining a pH of 7.35 to 7.45 is possible, just pay more attention to what we eat and drink. Also avoid stress, don’t overwork and don’t forget that no one else will take care of us better than ourselves.