Quality and Safety Certificate issued by the United Arab Emirates in 2018, granted the right to export the natural mineral water TICHĖ to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrein and Kuwait.

A quality and food safety control system, functioning since 2009, certified in accordance with the requirements of the Global Food Safety Standard BRC.

TICHĖ natural mineral water participates in annual audits and has been receiving an annual Safety and Quality Compliance Certificate from NATO since 2004.

TICHE natural mineral water is certified for sale in all European Union countries and has been included in the register of natural mineral waters recognised in Europe since 2004.

The Certificate issued by the Centre of Restorative Medicine and Curortology of the Russian Federation, which allows TICHĖ natural mineral water to be referred to as “Mineral Drinking Therapeutic – Table Water” for an indefinite period of time and to be exported to Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The certificate has been valid since 2004.