TICHĖ has achieved the highest ratings for taste and quality of the product for several years in a row at the International Taste Institute, which is based in Brussels.

Due to the unique evaluation system, the “Crystal Taste Award” is known and recognised all the world over. The products are tasted and evaluated by a jury consisting of 200 of the world’s best independent kitchen chefs and sommeliers. The selection of the members of the committee is especially rigorous. Their talents are recognised at the “Chef & Sommelier” competitions and at such well-known institutions as “Le Guide Michelin” or “Gault & Millau”

The members of the committee evaluate each product without having any information on the producer, brand or the origin of the product. The testers only receive a short description about the product category. Each member of the committee evaluates the product individually, silently and without any communication with other members of the committee. The products are presented to the judges in a standardised manner, in transparent or porcelain containers, under natural lighting conditions. Products are prepared and served according to an exact protocol, strictly following the producer’s instructions for preparation and serving. Each member of the committee evaluates the product objectively. They are not asked whether they like the product personally or not. The members of the committee must evaluate the product properties complying with the product category.